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  by Jim a.k.a

We at KFE would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to every member, guest, lecturer and vendor who made this year such a big success for our organization. We could have accomplished nothing without your enthusiastic help.

KFE's second wonderful year of existence was chock full of new experiences, new people and exceeded expectations. There was lots of fun, but also some learning and serious discussion.

It started off with excitement and lots of BDSM play at our well attended November Anniversary Party at Tokar in Rahway. Returning "alumni" and lots of new folks alike played until the wee hours and Sandra's "Mother's Kitchen" paddle got quite a workout.

That was followed up by the hugely successful New Year's Eve Party at the spacious South River venue. In addition to food, DJ and dancing there was The Electric Lady and her violet wand, who willingly introduced high voltage into those who requested it. There were clothespin scenes, group play, pure bondage, enthusiastic spanking, cross dressing--you name it. And it went ALL NIGHT until we were all exhausted.

1999 Highlights

  • Master Victor and Bob Horowitz did a demo with the violet wand in January back at Tokar.
  • Hilton, owner of Purple Passion ( BDSM boutique in Manhattan, performed a fascinating caning demo at Sandra's house.
  • Susan Wright of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom ( and Lolita Wolf of the P+P (Predictions and Predilections) newsletter visited us. They did a presentation about the NCSF and topped that off (no pun intended) with a hot demo on sensual spanking.
  • Lady Constance, former owner of Dressing For Pleasure, came and lectured us on Spirituality and BDSM.
  • Master Greyrope and Lady J did a very well received demonstration of exotic Asian rope binding techniques. People talked about that for months afterward.
  • KFE was represented at Black Rose 99 and at other various BDSM flea markets and gatherings.

We also started two new, very successful programs of holding small private play parties in member's homes and evening social meetings (Munches) at Denny's in Avenel. We have expanded our website and our newsletter substantially. [Editor's Note: the website is now located at ]

Eventually, the Tokar building's own business got so popular that we were forced to vacate. The group transitioned to the Rusty Spigot for a few parties, eventually settling in at The Mansion in Plainfield and The Keep in North Jersey. Both sites have already attracted additional new members and produced memorable get togethers. Things culminated this year with a packed Halloween party at the Keep on October 30 full of fun and play.

As we grew we had some growing pains - but very few. We got grief from Tokar over where our guests parked. Some of our members have had some serious health issues to deal with. But we've come through, bigger and better than ever. Our organization is looking forward to a fabulous 21st century. If you've never visited, don't be shy. Plan to drop by and say hello as soon as possible.

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