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Happily, we've been attracting a variety of friendly players of ranging experience, with a minimum of pretentiousness or other maladjusted behavior. A KFE play party is almost like a neighborhood hangout -- albeit with lots of paddling, bondage and BDSM play.

We get all sorts of people with a variety of orientations and preferences, including male and female dominants, submissives and crossdressers. Although we are a pansexual organization, our parties attract a primarily hetero- to bi-sexual crowd. There is usually a good mix of people in the male-dom/female-sub, and female-domme/male-sub, axes.

We also attract people from a wide variety of backgrounds, races, incomes, etc. We strive to have a friendly environment, open to all who respect the diversity of others' orientations and backgrounds. Generally speaking, ages tend to run from late 20s to 50s; we don't admit people under 21.

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