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Mostly, people play, watch and chat. KFE often stages some kind of loose central activity -- a technique demonstration or a skit, for example -- to give the evening a "theme" or focus, but otherwise, players play in public, people watch, and others chat. There's always non-alcoholic refreshment on hand (alcohol is NOT served), and people come and go as they please until closing.

So what do we mean by "play"? Generally, BDSM activity being done by two or more consenting adults, with others respectfully watching from the sidelines. Very often, you'll see people being paddled or whipped, in bondage or not, draped over / tied to equipment or not. You'll probably also see other examples of dominance/servitude or fetishism around you -- slaves with masters/mistresses, crossdressing, etc.

You might think of KFE as an "erotic playground". We sure do.

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