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Just a few notes from people who've enjoyed KFE's
welcoming and friendly atmosphere:

Hello Sandra......i truly enjoyed the single tail demo. Bob is quite the entertainer and an artist to first experience with the club was all that I hoped for and more...I felt comfortable immediately, which is why I joined without even having seen the demo.....there is a fun atmosphere and a friendliness that is missing at the commercial've accomplished a valuable step towards destigmatizing the desire for variety in sexual preferences......


Dear Sandy, I just wanted to thank you for your hospitality. What a really nice group of people I met tonight. Thanks for making me feel so comfortable. I am looking forward to see you again soon.


Dear KFE,
I attended last nights get together with my friend LadyD. I had a wonderful time. I enjoyed the open and honest atmosphere.... It is nice that people can get together and share ideas and thoughts. I was especially impressed with the safety aspect of the bondage. Some people fail to think of this. Keep up the good work, see you again.


Dear Sandra,
I just wanted to thank you for making my husband and me feel welcomed and comfortable last night. We had a great time meeting others and learning a few new techniques. You truly do make newcomers feel like old timers. l'll be sure recommend KFE to everyone I know in the area. Thanks again!


Dear Sandra:
My Master and i were at your establishment for 2 weeks in a row now. i must compliment you on your club. The people there are friendly and the atmosphere is one of great feeling of togetherness. It was a pleasure to join as members.

BN (female sub)

Hi Sandra;
i have been coming to KFE since february, 1998.....i was a new person in the lifestyle when i started coming.....and had never been to any club or party before.....i was very nervous....but the people at KFE are so wonderful.....i was made to feel like a member of the family from the minute i walked in the door.....and i have seen some of the most erotic and sensual scenes at KFE.......i have learned many new techniques......i have felt comfortable in my body there........i dont feel like i am at a fashion show...or a freak show......i can just relax and be me.........when the playhouse in hillside closed i was very disappointed....thinking things would change because we wouldnt have all that great equipment to play on anymore....but nothing has changed....its the people who make KFE such a nice experience.......i have a very long drive to get to KFE...and i could easily go to clubs closer to me.....but KFE is my home.....its a nice feeling:))))))


On Friday, June 26th we were visited by Lolita Wolf, publisher of LOLITA'S PREDICTIONS + PREDILECTIONS. The P+P covers the SM/Leather Fetish scene in NY and around the country. It includes event listings, reviews, political updates, health news and other items of interest. Here is what Lolita says about KFE:


Volume 4, Number 26 - Copyright 1998 by Lolita Wolf -


On Saturday night, O and I went to the Knot For Everyone party in [Union County], New Jersey. We had a grand time meeting people and doing a flogging and singletail scene. I practiced the Sarah Lashes stroke. The space is a swinger's club. While it lacks a lot of heavy duty SM equipment, they more than make up for it by good lighting, nice music, lots of room, a smoke-free environment and a friendly crowd. No wankers, no pests that lack BDSM etiquette.

Mistress Sandra, the co-host, was very welcoming as were all the group's members and attendees. This is a no-attitude club.

I was very impressed with their monthly newsletter which published a fiction story along with Black Rose's Etiquette article. O and I plan to return and I will probably do a demo for them soon."

I would like to thank you for the great hospitality you gave me for my first time to the groups meeting. I felt a little nervous but got more and more comfortable as I got to talk to people. I would like to especially thank Sandra for taking the time to show me around and explain how open the group was.

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