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Floating World '08 Update

[NOTE: Knot For Everyone (KFE) is a TFW08 participating group. KFE members qualify for the member's rate, just $125 for the whole weekend - until May 1st!]

April 14 - At the Floating World staff meeting yesterday, the board went over the comments from last year and made a few adjustments to this year's program:

More classes - this year's schedule has classes and workshops starting at 2pm Friday and includes as many as 140 classes on an even broader range of topics than last year. In addition to the basic classes, we'll have more 301 and 401 classes for advanced players, more M/s, ageplay and gender related classes, and more practice/play time in the pony corral. We will also be continuing our late night classes and workshops.

More shopping hours - with the expanded class schedule we were concerned you might not get time to shop, so we've expanded the vending hours and included two hours, Saturday 5pm-7pm, when no classes will be scheduled so you can grab that new flogger or corset without missing out on your favorite presenter, and just in time for the Saturday night play party!

The new Marketplace hours will be: FRIDAY 2pm - 7pm, SATURDAY 11am - 7pm, SUNDAY 11am - 4pm

More Art - We are incorporating more artists in more formats than ever before. We will be featuring a digital art show all night in the main playspace and realtime art in the promenade. We're looking for photographers, sculptors, musicians and performers who work in a fetish framework and who want to show their work - have them contact us at info@thefloatingworld.org for consideration.

August 15-17, 2008, Edison, NJ

Floating World '08 registration now open!

Registration for The Floating World, the Northeast's largest and most exciting BDSM/Fetish event is now open at our main website, www.thefloatingworld.org.

Floating World is a three day event, August 15-17 2008, in Edison, NJ and includes 60,000 sq.ft. of classes, workshops, shopping, parties, an art show, performances, playspaces and more!

Floating World is also nonprofit and completely community supported, 100% sex-positive and greed-free!

We recognize all ALT groups, gay, straight, M/s, S&M, D/s, TG and special interest groups.

This is the event you do not want to miss! Go to www.thefloatingworld.org and check it out!

(Knot For Everyone is a Floating World Participating Group, all KFE members get the members discount!)

Night Palace Certificate of Occupancy Revoked

Press Release, September 30, 2002

On September 23, 2002, the Night Palace had its Certificate of Occupancy revoked by the Garfield, N.J. Building Department, and was ordered to close. The grounds for revocation were allegations that Night Palace had exceeded the scope of its business use that had been applied for and approved previously under their Certificate of Occupancy. According to Garfield city Construction Code Officer James Mazzer, the city's belief that Night Palace was operating a 'sex club' that was 'open to the public' was the basis for the revocation of the Certificate of Occupancy.

Night Palace through its pro bono counsel Edward H. Zurav, Esq. has appealed the revocation of their Certificate of Occupancy to the Bergen County Construction Board of Appeals. No date has been set yet, but the Board's secretary has indicated that she will attempt to assist Night Palace in having the matter placed on the agenda for the October 10, 2002 Board meeting.

According to Mr. Zurav, Night Palace operates a legitimate interior design business. It brings together customers seeking functional and decorative Gothic art with vendors of such pieces. Gothic art involves reproductions of devices and scenes depicted in Gothic fiction and fantasy movies and literature. A person seeking to duplicate the feeling of being bound to a cross for a religious festival, or rising from a coffin on Halloween, or being interrogated by evil aliens would be a customer of functional Gothic art. Night Palace simply assists customers and vendors by hosting gatherings for the purpose of demonstrations of these devices.

These gatherings are by invitation only, and open only to Night Palace's pre-existing customers, new customers who had received prior approval to be on the customer list, and approved vendors. Procedures for obtaining a place on the customer list or becoming an approved vendor are posted on Night Palace's web site. Signs indicating that the demonstrations have an adult nature are posted, as are warnings that no nudity, bare female breasts, male or female genitalia and any and all sexual contact are strictly prohibited and will result in ejection and removal from customer and/or vendor lists. The city's beliefs that a 'Sex club' that is 'open to the public' is being operated by Night Palace are misguided, according to Mr. Zurav.

Night Palace asserts that their gatherings, while undeniably as 'R' rated as any horror movie, are much more comparable to Renaissance fairs or science fiction conventions than to adult entertainment establishments such as topless or go-go bars. Mr. Zurav states "To close Night Palace because some of their potential customers are aroused by the demonstrations of Gothic art makes about as much sense as closing a tobacconist because some of their customers might get ideas similar to those the ex-president allegedly had concerning his young female intern and a cigar.

Mr. Zurav has indicated that if Night Palace is unsuccessful in its appeal to the Bergen County Construction Board of Appeals, he is willing to appeal any negative decision of the Board to the Bergen County Superior Court. He is appealing to anyone in the greater NY area who is a member of the leather/fetish community, possesses legal expertise and has a desire to help to contact him via email at EZTHEMAN@Juno.com - his email address. He plans to reach out to community activist groups such as the National Coalition of Sexual Freedom and the American Civil Liberties Union for help in protecting his client's 1st Amendment rights of assembly and expression.


by Jim Solstice, July 15, 2001

KFE is back with a vengeance!

Knot 4 Every 1 held its first play party under new management and it was a screaming success! The weather was glorious and traffic was light in northern Jersey on July 14 in the late evening. So getting to the party was a breeze. The play space was considerably improved by its site manager since last winter, with a big new room, some new equipment, improved carpeting, painting and plastering and ferocious air conditioning in the first floor play area.

A lot of alumni returned, but there were a lot of new, interesting faces, too. I saw members #114, #118 and #159 and they all looked great!

Security appeared tight and there were no problems with the carefully prepared guest list. The place began filling rapidly after 9:45 and by 11:00 p.m. was nearing capacity. The soft drinks, conversation and laughter were flowing at the bar. There were light snacks available and almost all the play spaces were occupied.

The crowd looked great, many in their fetish best. There were a lot of beautiful leather outfits and many outstanding dresses, lace work, garters and stockings were on display. The toy bags people brought were fascinating. Someone would be talking or doing a scene and would bend down and rummage in their bag awhile and pull out all sorts of surprising toys and gadgets! There were the usual canes, whips and paddles, but also abrasive gloves, spiked gloves, sharp combs, cock rings, clips, etc. The scene might be interesting, but by the time they were done you were wondering how they got all that stuff in that little bag!?

On the top floor, an attractive guy minus his very elegant dress had his butt really whipped into shape by his comely lady companion and a male friend. When he stepped down from the elevated platform, a lovely woman with a tattoo and a butt plug did a long, painful caning scene. Later, she was presented with a handmade birthday present from a pal: an absolutely lethal, long, thin, heavy oak paddle with holes. 'Some pal.

She was immediately ordered by her fashionably dressed dom to assume the position so her new gift could be used on her. And it was. In spades! I felt the skin of her ass a half hour later and I swear it was 140 degrees and still glowing! Through a lucky turn of events, I was fortunate enough to wish her a happy birthday by inputting huge additional amounts of British Thermal Units into her derriere with that awful paddle.

The lovely KFE Hostess was on hand to greet everyone until she was pinched for a great scene with two males in the new first floor area. The part I saw was severe! She must have been really heated up, too, because the room was pretty cool, but she wiggled sexily and stuck it out like a trooper (pun intended).

Like any party, some people huddled on the couches upstairs and in the basement smoking area. Couples lingered in the hallway. Others felt more comfortable playing or roving here and there. Overall, the place was abuzz with people obviously enjoying themselves.

I saw a male sub and two female sub scenes in the downstairs dungeon. And the medical room was busy all night! Is it my imagination or do some real die hard players gravitate to that room? I've seen some life changing scenes done in there. There was a good, hard female dom/male sub caning scene on one side of the room and just the opposite on the other.

Just outside the door to the med room, the man in the elegant dress had lost his clothes again and he was bent over with his butt out. A whole bunch of people were around him and they were sort of playing a game. His female partner was cooing and teasing him with a riding crop from the front while a mystery flogger delivered skillfully placed forceful blows to his back and ass. He was already very red back there, but was getting flogged repeatedly as he tried to figure out who could be hitting him so hard. There had to be a dozen of us grinning at his predicament. He was a good sport and didn't seem to mind. After a long whippin' he turned around to see his friend, "the man in the mask," whom he would never have guessed.

Luckily, 2/3 of the KFE management got to sneak down to the basement dungeon for some "quality time." She looked delicious on the St. Andrew's cross and he was solicitously right behind her, generously supplying her with a lot to think about.

Next, an attractive couple went into the medical room and the woman laid down on the table. Her male dom spanked her laying down, then turned her over and continued his ministrations to her inner thighs and other tender areas. As I watched I felt the temperature hit about 435 degrees Fahrenheit in there.

Late in the evening, a nice young guy in a leather kilt was dragged downstairs to the dungeon, not unwillingly, by the Birthday Girl and her tall, leather clad girlfriend. Four of us went along to watch because we knew this would be good. They stripped him in an instant (okay, maybe he did just get undressed) and fastened him to the cross. Birthday Girl (see above), armed with a truly incredible array of paddles, canes, sticks, brushes and what not, played the rough dom. Her statuesque friend played the gentle dom with a rabbit fur (please don't write in to complain--the rabbit was already dead). It was a very powerful VFH scene (i.e., Very Friggin' Hot). The three of them giggled and sighed their way through their play, oblivious to the outside world. The four of us watching were looking at each other and saying, "Ya know, we really should get more in touch with our submissive side..."

There were other scenes, too, but overall, they were too numerous to recount. Needless to say, it was a nice way to spend a summer Saturday evening. A lot of folks walked away with hot bottoms and palms, saying how nice it was just to see old friends and catch up on events.

Sadly, the other third of The Three Musketeers was taking care of business almost the entire exhausting night and didn't get a chance to play! I nearly convinced an atheltic looking lady wearing nice sturdy boots to take a quick run down to the KFE registration counter and give Athos down there several high, hard kicks to his jewels. After he pulled his lemons out of his throat, he would have enjoyed the break. Alas, she was feeling too sub!

Can you imagine what this took to put together? The new managers did an outstanding job. Costs, the organization, registering at the web site, and future plans were clearly explained. They were available to handle any questions or problems the whole evening. The entire event seemed well thought out, organized and flowed smoothly. When The Three Musketeers left, they were all bushed.

'Spread the word. There's no question that KFE is alive and well.

And you members - check that web site calendar link for the next event!

Thanks for all your efforts and best wishes for your continued success.

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