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KFE is committed to keeping the mailing list private. We do not share information with anyone, anywhere.

If you use the online payment system on this site to place an ad or join KFE or prepay for a party, or if you pay for something via check or money order, rest assured that we do not use that information for anything other than receiving and processing your payment. We do not share your purchase history with anyone and we keep it private.

If you give us your full legal name or your mailing address so we can send you something, like your KFE membership card, we use that information for that purpose and then we deliberately lose your name and address. We do not want to know how to contact you other than by email.

We offer Totally Anonymous Personal Ads on this site. When you post a personal ad to the site, nobody using the site will know who you are unless you include personal contact information in the text of your ad. The database tracks who you are so that payment information can be applied to the correct account.

Further, if anyone answers a personal ad on the site, nobody at all will know who that person is unless the person includes contact information in the reply. The database does not track who answered an ad.

When you log in to the site, a session is created that retrieves only your information. You cannot see someone else's information. If you share a computer with someone else, then you should use the log off feature when your session ends. This destroys your session: no one else can come along after you leave the computer and see your information.

When we noticed in May 2018 that AOL wants us to agree to OATH's terms and conditions, which specifically state that they analyze all content of all emails - thus, they are READING all AOL email - we decided to move our email off of AOL and onto our own server, which does NOT read our email.

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