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The KFE site is interactive, powered by ColdFusion.

Some of the interactive features are available to casual browsers of the site, for example, anybody coming in from the web can see the calendar, the personal ads, and the next upcoming event. Anybody can answer a personal ad. The personal ads are totally anonymous. The chatroom is open to everyone.

If you go to the login page and sign up for a free KFE Web Account, you get access to the next level of interactivity on the KFE site. The free KFE Web Account lets you place personal ads for $5 a month. You can also view the replies to your personal ads.

If you go to the next level of interactivity on the website and become a regular member of KFE, by joining KFE and paying the annual dues, you then get to place unlimited FREE personal ads on the KFE website. You can also post and view scene reports.

All KFE web accounts can change their own information: change password, change login, change email address, change scene name, first and last name.

You may unsubscribe from the KFE events notification mailing list and have your account deleted by clicking the "unsubscribe" link found at the bottom of each email.

KFE does not use your personal information for marketing. Your personal data is never sold.

We accept payments offline for personal ads, KFE membership, and party admission prepayments, via cash, check or money order at the KFE Post Office Box. Please make out the check to "CASH" and send it, along with your email address and a note stating what the payment is for, to: KFE, P.O. Box 45, Fanwood, NJ 07023. Alternatively, you may pay at a munch, or write us at to make other arrangements. We will also accept payment in silver: 2 ounces of silver bullion to pay for membership + a play party; 1 ounce of silver bullion to pay for membership OR a play party.

How do you get onto the mailing list? There are two ways; either you sign yourself up by visiting the login.cfm page, or you joined KFE at a munch or event, provided your email address, and when we processed your payment later on and found that your email was not already in the database, then we added it.

Being on the mailing list means you will receive event notification email messages. Just being on the mailing list does not make you a member of KFE; being a member costs $20/year.

KFE does not use any third party mailing software. We wrote our own mass mailing functions right here on this website and that is the only one we use.

Tina Rock created the site's design, all code and the database.

Site design inspired by the look and feel of a beautiful site at

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